Max 3 case cover details?

I received a new Max 3 today and am looking for a case to protect it. The “official” case from Boox doesn’t have much descriptive detail, and only a couple photos of the front - I’m reticent to shell out $50 for something if I can’t even tell what it is. Could anyone answer these questions for me?

  1. Does the case actually wrap around and protect the sides/corners of the device, or does it just stick to the back with adhesive like the cheaper versions on Amazon?
  2. How does it stay closed? Are there magnets, or a clasp of any kind?
  3. Does it activate auto-wake/sleep when opening/closing?
  4. Generally, does it feel solid and well-made? $50 is a lot for a case, so I would hope it will last.

Thanks in advance!

1 - yes, it does wrap around
2 - it doesn’t stay closed, has no magnets or clasp
3 - it does activate auto-wake/sleep
4 - feels pretty solid, but a bit on the heavy side and adds to the thickness
5 - the pen loop is a handy feature

Got cases thrown in when I bough 2 Max 3’s, so I didn’t consider them as a separate buy. I like the feel of the bare Max 3 wrt weight and thinness, but depending on where/how you use the device, the cover might be worth it. It’s easy enough to take off if you know you won’t be banging around the reader for a while.

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Thanks for the response! The case sounds good. I agree that the bare device feels great because of how thin and light it is, but that also makes me a little nervous about damaging it…I wouldn’t mind a case that adds a little weight (and strength).

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Thanks for these. I ordered Max 3 with the case and I am pleased. It does feel a bit crispy without it :slight_smile:

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