Multi-page display on Neo Reader 2.0


Hi! I am using Boox Max2 Pro and using Neo Reader 2.0 to read PDF. How to show all the pages (each as a minimized page or icon)? When reading PDF, I often need to check stuff on other pages and I don’t want to go page by page (and I even don’t know the page number). So I need this multi-page display function to quickly find and select a page. Thank you for the help!


Hello, multi-page display is available on Neo Reader 2.0.

  1. Click the menu button, then click the “Progress”, and then click the icon marked as red below. Learn more from the pictures below:

  1. And then you could choose multi-page display as you like. (Three options: 1 page, 4 pages, 9 pages)


Hi, thanks! My Boox Max2 apparently has a differeent interface from yours. Mine doesn’t show the “Progress” as your yours. But after reading the user manual more carefully, I found for my device, tapping the page number at the bottom of a page would bring up the multipage selection window. Thank you for the help!


Dear, you are welcome.