NeoReader 2 : EPUB, links and pagination lost

With EPUB files, when I select a link to read the footnote, the footnote is displayed. But the problem is when I want to go back to the page were the link on the footnote was. Two cases:

  1. I use the number associated to the footnote to go back : the pagination is lost;
  2. I use the menu and the arrow to go back, the pagination is keep.
  • First picture with the link to footnote;
  • the footnote;
  • the modified page after the “go back” using the link associated to the footnote;
  • the menu is used to go back;
  • the pagination is unchanged.

Could you improve your NeoReader 2 please ?

Hi, thank you for your kind suggestion, I’ll forward it to our R&D team.

Thank you !

Have a good day.


I’m sad to see that the problem remain with the firmware 1.9.0. It’s a big problem, the worst case is with the technicals documents where you are completely lost in you reading when you use the link.

Please, could you solve this problem ?

Best regards.


The problem always exists in the 1.9.1 version.

Please, could you solve this problem ?

Thank you.


I’m sad to see that the problem is always present with the 2.2.2 firmware. When you go back with the link, the source link is moved at the top of the page.

There is a way to solve this ?

Thank you.

Our R&D team is still working on this. Please be patient.

Thank you for your reply.

I was thinking that the problem was forgotten.

I’ll be patient :wink:

Have a nice day.