Neoreader pinch to zoom completely broken after update


In my Note, after the update, trying to use pinch zoom, I have to completely stretch my hand to have any kind of feedback from neoreader, rendering it unusable. Also, using two finger touch navigate around the page when zoomed is working poorly.

It is not a hardware problem as it was working fine just before the update.


Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have submitted this problem to our relative colleagues to follow up. Keep you updated.


thanks. is it possible to install the previous firmware in the meantime?


No, it is not available to install these two at the same time.


Tech support told me that this is on purpose to improve palm rejection. I think the issue here is that they wanted pinch to zoom to “work” also in the zones you blocked in the custom touch setting!


If this is so, there MUST be a button to temporarily activate the option. Too many PDFs which need spontaneous granular zooming. Current version is highly inconvenient!


Hello, we apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause. We have forwarded “pinch to zoom” problem to our relative colleagues to follow up.