Neoreader pinch to zoom completely broken after update

In my Note, after the update, trying to use pinch zoom, I have to completely stretch my hand to have any kind of feedback from neoreader, rendering it unusable. Also, using two finger touch navigate around the page when zoomed is working poorly.

It is not a hardware problem as it was working fine just before the update.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have submitted this problem to our relative colleagues to follow up. Keep you updated.

thanks. is it possible to install the previous firmware in the meantime?

No, it is not available to install these two at the same time.

Tech support told me that this is on purpose to improve palm rejection. I think the issue here is that they wanted pinch to zoom to “work” also in the zones you blocked in the custom touch setting!

If this is so, there MUST be a button to temporarily activate the option. Too many PDFs which need spontaneous granular zooming. Current version is highly inconvenient!

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Hello, we apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause. We have forwarded “pinch to zoom” problem to our relative colleagues to follow up.

still no fix with the lateste update!?

It is even worse now…

starting to regret this buy after they proactively messed up one of my most used features! can’t even downgrade to a firmware woking correctly…

I confirm that pinch to zoom does not work in 2.1.2

As many users are talking about the zoom function, here is a demo of how to use it in the latest function. You have to completely stretch or grip your fingers to zoom in or zoom out.

Another way is to call out the menu, go to Format, and then click the zoom in or zoom out icon; Or drag the Font Size bar to adjust the font size.

At the same time, we have submitted this to our relative colleagues to make it easier to pinch to zoom in the near future.

Is not the same thing! First, I have small hands, and really have to stretch them to get to the point the pinch zoom works. Second, if you want really deep zoom, you have to do multiple of those. How it was before, it was a ipad-style pinch zoom, you could easily get to many zoom depths with a single pinch! Third, pinch means thumb and index fingers… with my hands I have to use thumb and pinky!

Hi, I also want to ask for better working zoom and moving the zoomed page. Before the update I was able in side by side scribble mode to zoom in the document and move it so that a certain area of the document is visible. Now zooming is extremely demanding and I can´t move the page at all, it will always reset to its last postition. Cropping the page is also not possible in side by side scribble mode. The menu that appears when you make this very large pinch gesture is also hidden and I am not able to have any menu in side by side scribble except the one for choosing pen size, add scribble page and so on…

For me, whenever I try to drag the image after zooming, it just jumps down to the bottom right corner

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Don’t know if it is bug or feature, but pinch to zoom in 2.1.2 completely unusable in NeoReader :frowning:

This will be improved in the latest firmware which will be released soon.