No navigation with buttons in note app after update


the mechanical buttons, the exit button excluded, don’t work anymore in your note app after I updated my max boox 2 to newest version. This is a VERY important feature for me, I have notes with dozens of sides each so turning the pages with stilo is quite uncomfortable.

And clicking on this navigation ball brings the note app to freeze.

This update made things way worse for me.

It’s not just the Note app, as far as I can tell, the mechanical buttons for Next Page/Prev Page have now been globally mapped automatically as volume controls.

UPDATE: I found a work around for some apps, like Microsoft Word, what you do is to set one of the NavBall features to “Use page-flipping key as volume key”: in fact, it does the opposite - it returns the physical page-flipping keys to page-flipping keys.

But it doesn’t work for Note… the only thing that seems to work are the < > virtual buttons on the top right of the menu bar on either side of the page numbers: eg “< 2/5 >” = tapping on the < > symbols still works, as does tapping and holding on the page number to jump to a specific page. But I hear what you’re saying, @salaligan, flipping through quickly seems to be gone as a feature.

So far in my experience only NeoReader works properly with the physical buttons, and its Settings do allow the user to set them under Button Settings.

The application settings used to allow the user to set this for each app, not anymore. Since volume is not a priority for most apps, I strongly urge Onyx to return the page turning buttons back to their original function in the next update.

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There is no excuse for the Note app, this is simple a bug from Onyx.

On other apps, it is an Android thing. Some app simple interpret the volume keys as page turning. It is because on an average Android phone there are no page keys, but there are volume keys. They are repurposing them. Other, smarter apps can understand proper page turn keys, they don’t need to be tricked.
That is why it was previously an optimization option to remap page keys to volume keys per app. I have no idea why have Onyx removed that. Maybe an other bug.

Still one can use your “nav ball” trick, or just set the system wide settings on the top menu before starting the app.

After a few days of working with new note app I have to say, it’s terrible. Have to click twice after selecting a geometrie like circle, framing objects to copy or delete them doesn’t work properly anymore most of the times, it crashes more often. I think about reversing the update or go to paper again.

Sorry for the late reply here. Could you kindly submit these bugs on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

No I wrote here because I want to enter feedback with my notebook keyboard and not single touch on the display keyboard of the max2