Note Pro - build quality - back panel can be pressed, makes sound



I just got Onyx Note Pro today.

When I press the back panel in the middle lightly, it moves a bit. It’s like there was a 1 mm space between back panel wall and the stuff inside of the reader. (Similar to some bottle caps, which you can press to check if the bottle was opened or not). It also make a quiet sound.
When I press not in the middle, but near corners/border, the back panel is steady, does not move.

I wonder if this is normal? It’s irritating - each time I take the reader into my hand, I feel the back sinking a bit, a the sound.

I don’t have a protective cover yet. I plan to have one. Maybe with cover I won’t feel/hear anything. But maybe I will.

If this is not normal, I’m considering replacing my unit…


Dear, sorry for the late reply.

Could you kindly submit this service request form with all information needed? And our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.