Notes on annotated PDFs are pixelated and unreadable

When I view a PDF that I have annotated in the default Boox reader on another device, the handwritten notes are pixelated and unreadable. Embedding and/or exporting the PDF makes no difference.

I have attached two images to demonstrate what I mean.

I am zoomed in quite a bit on the PDF. I have also tried different PDF viewers on the other devices to no avail.

Is this something that has been resolved in the new firmware? Has everyone noticed that?

I would be marking students’s work on Max 3, that they will view on other devices, so such pixelation would be quite critical for my purchase. This is a dealbreaker for me.

Many thanks in advance for any reports,

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You should know that I am zoomed in to the maximum on the pdf (400% I think) and that if you annotate at the default zoom, the handwriting is much more readable. However, I’m still not satisfied with the quality of the annotations as you can still notice the pixelation, especially with small handwriting.

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Thanks for this Florent,

Now, a newbie question. In Storage, which I can maintain using a PC to add a folder hierarchy and drop the student work for marking, when I open a PDF file by tapping on it and I can annotate it, it gets saved, there is no Export option though, so when I open it on the PC the annotations are not there.
What is the sequence you used to get the annotated file out?

Also, is there a knack to saving to Dropbox? I linked the account but there is no folder created in Dropbox … again, an idiot-proof instruction would be appreciated.

Best wishes,

For exporting pdfs in the default app, there is a save and export option in the top-right corner when you tap on scribble (found in the bottom-right corner).

For uploading to Dropbox, download the app on your device; open it; tap the plus in the bottom-right corner; select upload files; now tap the three little dots in the top-right corner, select “Show internal storage”, now you can navigate to where you saved your pdf and upload it to your desired Dropbox folder.

I am going to try another pdf program like Xodo to see if the annotations are cleaner when zoomed in. I will let you know of the results.

Many thanks, I am gradually getting used to the device, quite like in fact.

Best wishes,

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I am having the same issue and have not really found a way around. Hope a future update fixes that…