[NOVA PRO] Notes in PDF not working after using Text re-flow


Hi, after configuring the text reflow for PDF files I can no longer make hand-written annotations on the PDF. can this be, please, fixed [added]?


This feature has been cancelled in the new firmware update and it would mess up the page when make annotation in reflow mode.


It is a shame since it hinders the usability of the note-taking ability of this device and defeats its own inception and concept. why not fix this ya… Suggestion:

    • enable an option to select where the side note will appear without changing the orientation of the page/device (maybe at the bottom)
    • enable adding notes to the screenshots immediately after taking the screen capture.
    • create a desktop conversion software (with profiles included) to adjust and pre-visualize the text size - this way your clients can convert their EPUB, MOBI, AZW, PDF, etc to the desired PDF font size [check calibre]


Do you mean make sidenote and the book in one whole page in vertical direction?

At the same time, we will pass the second suggestion to our R&D team to follow up. For the third one, we still need more discussion over this matter since font size adjustment is available on Neoreader already.


Yes, this is exactly what I mean


Great, much appreciated! :relieved:


I would be awesome :star_struck: if we could change the font size on-the-fly [and keep this as a preference], since many of us, who purchase this specialized [note taking] devices, already use reading glasses and small fonts induce headaches.


Will pass this request to our R&D team, which would be more convenient for taking nots and reading at the same time.