Nova pro screenshot


Is there a screenshot function? It seems like pressing the power and home buttons at the same time should allow screenshots .


With Nova Pro you can use to take the “screen shot” the "Navigator Ball".
It’s more comfortable and practical.
* Button “home + power”, it does not work.


I don’t know what the navigator ball is


Hello, the Navigation Ball is available in the firmware 2.1.1 and above. The latest firmware 2.1.2 will be released soon, please be patient.


I just bought it a week ago. I think the firmware is at the latest version


Found it. Didn’t realize i needed to enable it in the app settings. Thanks!


Glad to hear that. Yes, it need to be enable first.:grinning:


Yes, all this talk about the navigator ball left me baffled until I noticed the app

for everyone else, the navigator ball is an app that you need to enable that creates a 1/4" dot on your screen (that you can move around). When you tap it, 5 other dots appear that you can configure to be various functions (turn wifi on/off, take a screenshot, turn bluetooth on/off, etc)

@claire, one thing that should be added to the list is “home”


You double tap the ball to go ‘home’.


Yeah, it have also taken me quite some time to realize that. I was searching for it in the settings for a long time (oh, android settings screens ara such a maze, and Onyx one is not an exception…)