Onyx, I would like to help you with the Max 3 User Manual


The user manual is useful, in my opinion, but it could be much improved if it was re-written in fluent English. Currently, it doesn’t come across as a professionally written document, which is a shame, because the device is great. Would Onyx be against having the community (e.g. me) helping to improve the manual content?

One possibility for collaboration on this would be through a GitHub repository.


Thank you for your kind suggestion here. :grinning: Actually, some open source is available on GitHub.


I’m not sure you understood my offer/suggestion, @claire. The manual is a document which could easily be collaborated on by the community in order to improve it. This could be done by putting it in a cloud share, by Boox taking user submissions and manually incorporating them into an updated manual, but the best way, IMO would be to host the text file that the PDF version of the manual is created from on GitHub. This would allow people to submit changes easily and for Boox to incorporate them into the official text using the pull-request mechanism.


@claire. Can you create a repo in Github for the Manual? That way users can contribute to the manual by submitting merge requests.

This would allow @HammockTime and other users to directly improve the manual by submitting corrections/changes directly. The development team would then use the git repo for building the manual thus benefiting from user input.


Hello Rick, your kind suggestion is highly appreciated here. May be we will post the manual on this forum instead of Github and that would be more convenient. And those we contribute to improving the manual could enjoy some accessory or other gift from Onyx Boox.


Hey, sorry for the late reply here.

Thank you for your clarification here. Now I fully understand your kind offer here. :grinning: Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

However, we would prefer the cloud share way instead of Github.


What kind of cloud sharing are you thinking of @claire? If you want to make this kind of collaboration easy, there aren’t too many collaborative cloud environments which would offer you the kind of control that you need.

Imagine if you just share a document and multiple users start to edit it in the same section. If you’re just sharing the file rather than allowing multiple users to edit it simultaneously, then Onyx would have to collect all of the changes and find a way to combine the changes even in the case where they were made to the same section. The problem is Onyx is not in a position to really evaluate the quality of the English content (as evidenced by the current state of the manual), so how are the best submissions determined?

Any user should have the possibility to comment on proposed changes and, sometimes after a good amount of back and forth discussion with other users who have strong opinions about the change, a final version should be agreed upon and merged into the official document.

The problem is that efficient collaboration where Onyx has final control, but the changes can be debated, or the overlapping changes reconciled is not something you can easily achieve with a simple cloud file share.

GitHub (or similar version control environments like GitLab, for example) is especially built to support a multi-user collaborative workflow, with minimal effort. With most alternatives that I can think of, you end up creating more work for yourself than it’s worth.

Google Docs could probably be used for this as well, but my guess is that your resistance to using platforms such as GitHub could be due to reasons of accessibility from mainland China. I’m not sure if Google Docs is more available in that sense. In any case, I’m curious to see what you are proposing.