Optimization setting for apps are not remembered after reboot

Hi all,

unlike some other people, I actually like the optimization feature available via Navigation ball - quickly accesibly, and you can see the changes at once, and also being able to turn it off with two taps.
However, I am very sorry to see that when I reboot the device, none of the settings that I did stay, it start from anew with default settings. That is most irritating, when you used a little time to optimimze settings.

Onyx - any chance there can be done something about this? Max 2 Standard, not Pro, running 2.2.1


Hello Jan, could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will have have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

I can confirm, same issue here.

I just tried to submit this via feedback on the boox, I repeatedly get an error “Network or server error”, despite being connected to the internet.


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