Organizing and/or Exporting 'Marked' Text in OReader (Chronos)



Is there a way -unofficially or officially- to view my book notes/highlights (marks) in one place?

I discovered (hidden) system files created by OReader for both notes and bookmarks. But, while the bookmarks file is an ascii table (and can be interpreted as a list), the notes file is not; it seems to be a proprietary format location index? I just finished reading a long publication, highlighting and taking notes along the way … and now I’m a bit baffled that there isn’t a section called “My Notes/Highlights” that I can access, so I’m left flipping through the pages to rediscover them one by one?

I’m running a Chronos with the stock OReader that shipped with it; I’m not sure what versions of software/firmware are involved. (I posted this under the ‘Note Series’ heading 'cause I assumed that the Chronos was most closely related to this edition.)