Pairing MAX2 with K380 Logitech Keyboard



I wanted to use a Keyboard with Bluetooth to ease my work, so I bought a Logitech K380 (QWERTZ - German keyboard) one.

The pairing with MAX2 was successful. Then I changed the default keyboard from “Android Keyboard (AOSP)” to “Logitech Keyboard”, and set the Language for both English (US) and Deutsch (Germany).

So far everything fine, but the keyboard is not working on any app running on MAX2: Neo Reader 2 in annotations, Google Docs, Writer Plus or WPS Office. MAX2 does register nothing of what I’m typing, as if the Keyboard wouldn’t exist.

What can I do to use the keyboard with MAX2?

In my opinion it is an issue/bug which Onyx engineers have to solve, since other keyboards seem to work with MAX2.

Logitech is a big international company selling high quality products all over the world and solving the compatibility issue is important.

The K380 Keyboard is compatible is with any Android 3.2 and higher device (also with Mac OS and Window), via Bluetooth. I tested my keyboard on an iMac and it works flawlessly.

Please help with the keyboard. This is important for my productivity.


After a few hours of trial and error, I found a way to connect the Keyboard K380 to MAX2.

The keyboard can be paired to maximum 3 devices, which one can alternatively activate with the buttons F1, F2, and F3. For some reason choosing MAX2 as the first device to pair with (F1) is not working. One has to pair MAX2 as the second (F2) or the third device (F3).

This is surely a bug Onyx should identify and correct. Hopefully my experience will be helpful to others.