Please add Arabic support for Dictionaries and Handwriting recognition - Request


Unfortunately, there is Arabic support in dictionaries or handwriting recognition.

There are two Arabic fonts only with the same shape.

We really need support for the Arabic language.

Thank you


Hello, as for the Arabic dictionary, you could download the dictionaries you want online or from Google Play Store in your device. We will forward the needs to add the Arabic to handwritten recognition to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Dear claire,

I can’t find Arabic dictionary in the list of available online dictionaries.

For the dictionary from Google play, will thia dictionary will be able to translate the words from Epub reader?

May you provide me with any of these suggest dictionary from Google play?



You can download and install the dictionary in the stardict format. Put dictionary file on the path root directory\dicts\xxx (e.g Storage\dicts\English-French), or download dictionary online directly. Dictionary is available to use after being installed. Please save the files under a folder, e.g.: Storage\ dicts\English-English Dictionary. We have not used the Arabic dictionary before, and you could have a try with some dictionaries you have used before.


I had tried one very old dictionary I had since long time and it works, but I expect to have an online Arabic dictionary from the device it self.

Will you provide an updated one through yours online dictionaries?


We will forward this request to our relative colleagues. BTW, you could easily download one from App store.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

May you provide me with the names or links?