Please make "disable touch" ACTUALLY disables touch again

After the last update, the disable touch function only disable touch on the drawing area but the side bar buttons can still be pressed with my fingers. It’s extremely annoying that I must make it full screen every time i write on it or else my hand would accidentally press a random button every 2 second.

Hello, this bug has been forwarded to our R&D team and it will be fixed with the next firmware update.

When is the next update?

Is it going to fix highlighting corrupting PDF files?

No exact date about the new firmware. Please be patient.

Thanks. Please see the following thread for more details.

I clicked on feedback on the reader and left a description but no one has reached out so far. It is a crucial bug for any who does academic work.

Apologize for any inconvenience that has caused. I have sent a message to you an hour before. Please kindly reply back.