Please save the scribbles as Ink, not PolyLine


I am using the firmware 2.0.1on Max.

I have noticed when I export my scribbles on a PDF, the type of annotation that is saved inside the PDF file is PolyLine (or connected lines, or polygons). This is problematic, because many applications, including Preview in MacOS and the whole Apple PDF Engine do not recognize that particular type of annotation and do not display them correctly. On the other hand, PDF provides another annotation type called Ink (or Pen), that works very similarly to PolyLine, except that it renders smooth curves, and all PDF viewers support it. It would be great to have Max save its scribbles using Ink.

In simple PDF terms, the notation for PolyLine is /Subtype/PolyLine/Type/Annot/Vertices [COORDINATES] while for Ink it is /Subtype/Ink/Type/Annot/InkList[[COORDINATES]]. The same set of coordinates works for both, so this must be a very easy feature to implement.


Dear, we will forward your valuable suggestion to our relative colleagues.


An update on this thread:

The new firmware 2.1.1 has addressed this issue, which is great.

Unfortunately the new firmware has a bug of its own in saving scribbles that creates trouble with all PDF readers: It seems it is setting Pencil thickness to 0, or alternatively it saves it in the wrong manner.

The result is that the scribbles are shown correctly, but if you touch one of them by mistake or you try to edit one in any PDF viewer/editor, it becomes invisible, and can’t be fixed!

So, thanks for the update, but please fix the new glitch.