Poor Wi-Fi Signal


I bought MAX 2 Pro around two weeks ago. It is a wonderful device, but I have got a problem with the Wi-Fi signal strength.
The device shows a poor signal when I am sitting 2.5 meters from the router in the same room. I had another android tablet, an iPhone and a PC; and all of them have a full signal even when using them everywhere in my house.
I had updated the firmware by placing the device next to the router (actually sticking it to the router to get a good signal), but I got the same result.
I had changed the router channel to the best one, but nothing changed.
I had rebooted the router, but nothing changed as well. I went further (because I really like to use the device) and bought another router (600Mbps Wi-Fi Router with 4 * 6dBi Antennas) and the signal improved from poor to fair!
The new router is located on high place on the living room, there is not any obstacle between the device and the router. All I have got is a fair signal.
I had emailed Boox sales@onyx-international.com & tech@ectaco.com but I did not get a reply.
I fully appreciate it if anyone can help with this, it is unrealistic to buy an expensive device and just sitting next to the router.
Sadly, my only alternative now, is to wait extra 10 days, and if the problem is unsolved, I should return it to Amazon to benefit from the return policy.
Thanks for your comments in advance.


Maybe your device is simple faulty. I compared my device (Max2, not Pro) to my phone (Samsung Note 8) using the Wifi Analizer appfrom farproc, and I see pretty much the same readings.
So if this is not the case for you, I suggest to send back the device and ask for replacement.


I have multiple APs in my house with the same SSID and I’ve found that the max2 does not switch properly between them as I move around the house. I’ve also found that it frequently does not associate with the closest AP, so I end up with a very weak signal.

I suspect that they ‘simplified’ (aka broke) wifi roaming. I was getting annoyed enough to post a complaint about it here when this topic came up.

Please revert to the stock android code for connecting to wifi networks, there are all sorts of options out there (tasker for example) that would let you do the ‘shut down when idle to save battery’ that is so valuable for saving the battery life.