Possible to use third party apps on BOOX devices?


I have the following questions:

Can I use third party apps on BOOX Nova or is the device not made for that?

Particularly I would be interested in using Pocketbook for reading DRM protected books from my library. And WPS Office for writing using a Bluetooth keyboard, a file explorer like FX or MiXplorer, Evernote and the Kindle app.

Should these apps run on the BOOX Nova without problems or can I only use the built in reader and apps?

Can the built in Neo Reader read DRM protected books borrowed from my library or from other stores?

If you could answer this I would be grateful, and maybe someone could share their experiences with me.


You can enable https://play.google.com/store/apps on the Nova (or install other Android stores or side load Android apps).

When I want to do extended typing I use a bluetooth keyboard with it and it was straightforward to setup.

In general, Android apps that are suitable for a 8" e-ink screen work fine (limited movement).

I use…
Word processing: Google Docs
File transfer: Either wired, or Google Drive
Reading: Moon Reader
Manga/Graphic novels: Tachiyomi

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Thanks a lot, Rowe.

I had the problem with word processors that the device gets very hot, I tried many, but it always heats up significantly. There’s no thermometer built in, so I can’t exactly tell the temperature, but it’s somewhat like a medium hot coffee or tea cup (not soo accurate, I know.:smirk:)

Does this happen with your device too? I suspect that mine has a hardware issue so it would be important for me to know whether that’s a general issue or just happening to my device.


No worries.

I use a Poke Pro and help my 9 year son with his Nova Pro (apart from the size and Wacom layer, I think they’re similar). I’ve only noticed them getting hot occasionally, and both are used a few hours a day. Nowhere near as hot as my laptops get.

We only occasionally use them for word processing, and haven’t noticed any change in temperature for that. My son sometimes plays games or watches YouTube on his, which should be much more intensive than word processing and don’t make it very hot.

Thanks, that helps😊. Yes, videos would heat it even more.