ReadEra, organizing and browsing PDF's and Max3

In installed ReadEra on the Max3 to organize all my sheet music. Create tags works fine.
But browsing the music is not fine. ReadEra does not recognise the end of a page correctly. So the displayed page is a bit too long for the screen and when going to the next page a part of the first page is visible and the second page for a bit more than half.

Other PDF browsers skip to the next page correctly but the lack a flexible function for categorizing sheet music.

Doe anyone know how to solve this browse issue?
Or does anyone have an alternative for ReadEra?
I want to create tags like 6/4; 4/4; Classic; Background; Easy Listening; Solo; Duo; Flute Piano … etc.
and every PDF can have more than one tag

SOLUTION: I purchase Mobilesheets for e-ink as mentioned in one of the remarks.
I understood for Zubersoft that the Max3 has a 64bit processor but Onyx did not provide the third party software developer a developer pack for 64bit only for 32.

I’m an Max 2 Pro user, but have you tried Mobile Sheets by Zubersoft? They have an e-ink version especially for the Max 2-- I imagine it would work on the Max 3.

I’m a pro musician and I love this app, and it does everything you mention and more.

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Hi MrBrick!

Just wanted to make sure that you saw that Zubersoft just made an update available for MobileSheets, and the update specifically includes 64-bit support for the Max3. Just downloaded it this morning.


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