Remoter navigation keys as “page up/down” keys



Is there any way to use BT remote keys as page up/down keys in 3rd party applications?

I use Inoreader to read my RSS feeds on note pro, the page turn works well with the navigation ball but it just scrolls one line at a time with remote. Is there anyway to configure it like the navigation ball page turn keys?


May I know the name of your BT remoter?


It is “BOOX B.T. remotor”


Please kindly update the firmware for BT remoter first. Below is the instruction for the firmware update and you could learn more from this video.

How to update the firmware of the Bluetooth Remote Control?

  1. Download the “OnyxDFU-release" apk from here and install it in your Android phone.

  2. Open the “OnyxDFU-release” App in your phone and then select the Bluetooth remote control at first step.

  3. Make sure that you have opened your phone’s Bluetooth first, and then please kindly click any button of your remote control.

  4. After the phone has paired with the Bluetooth control successfully, then click the “Update” button to easily update to the latest firmware.

  5. Then you could try to repair the remote control with your Boox device.


I tried it with 3 different devices. On 2 devices it just stays on “Scanning” mode.

While on other it shows following error:


Hi, for the scanning issue, please make sure that you have unpaired the BT remote with your Boox device or other devices. Then you could connect your BT remote with your Android phone or tablet to update to the latest firmware.


I’m able to update the firmware

Tried the pageup/pagedown keys with updated version, still it is same. It just scrolls one line at a time on 3rd party apps, while “navigation ball” page turn buttons work well