Scrolling in Microsoft Word

I have updated to the latest firmware (2.2.2) on my Max2, but scrolling in Microsoft Word still doesn’t work. If you swipe up or down, it highlights text rather than scrolling. There is also no scroll bar, which means you have to use the hardware buttons to navigate a document.

I am an academic, and have to use long documents with footnotes, which limits me to Microsoft Word (WPS for Android doesn’t have footnote support). Can you please enable scrolling on the MS Word app provided through the e-ink App Store? Thank you!

I have the same, incredibly frustrating problem, it seems to make Microsoft Word completely unusable. Plus, the Prev page/Next page physical buttons on the Max2 have now been globally mapped automatically as volume controls.

What you need to do is to set one of the Navigation Ball options to “Use page-flipping key as volume key”.
In fact, it does the opposite: checking this returns the physical < > buttons on the Max2 back to page flipping keys.
Counter-intuitive, to say the least, but it works until they fix this irritating bug.

So far in my experience only NeoReader works properly with the physical buttons, and its Settings allows the user to set them under Button Settings.

Good luck.

You must use the pen, not your hand for scrolling, I use MS Words and I like it a lot.

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