SOLVED: Note Pro: Issue with pen at upper corners (wacom layer not working properly?)


Good morning,
I just bought a Note Pro from Amazon and I would appreciate some clarifications before posting my review on the site (maybe I can be helpfull to others).
I updated the firmware to last version (2.1.2) and started using the device, which I really appreciate. BUT even calibrating a lot of time, the pen strokes and underlining function do not work properly (almost at all) at both upper corners of the screen (about 4x4 cm area) even if “hand-touch” function does seem working properly in the same area. So probably it depends on wacom layer. Since I would prefer not to give it back for replacement, is there some action or software patch I could apply to solve (or improve) this issue?

Thank you in advance,


Solved! I realized the book-shelf I was using the device on had hidden magnets under the wood structure. Moving the Note pro away solved everything =)


Glad to hear that. Hope you would enjoy our product in the future.