Some remarks and expectations

Dear Landylee,
I was very happy to hear about the improvements you want to bring to the Onyx device software, and we were looking forward to them. In addition to the points you want to modify, I would also like to make some observations that I have noted over the 4 months since I enjoyed the Onyx Note eReader (I mention that I installed the 2018-09 version -05_1.9.1_575ba83 from the Onyx site):

  • can not move files from one folder to another on the Onyx Note device using computer (the message: “Notes is busy” and it enters a waiting queue);

  • renamed files using the computer are listed in the Library with the old name, even after reboot, although in Storage they appear with the modified name;

  • renameing a note file in the built-in “Note” app, the renamed file appears listed on Storage only after rebooting and also keeps a file with its old name; Also renamed note is no longer listed in Library;

  • renameing a note file in the Storage explorer, that note is not renamed within Note app, even after rebooting, and in Storage appear both: the one with changed name and the one with old name; also when renaming a note in Storage the directory containing it (which should have the same name as the note file) remains with the old name;

  • can not open a note for editing directly from the internal storage explorer, the “Note” application is not listed in the Open With popup, although other trid-party applications (such as Squid, HandWritePro) appear listed;

  • notes created with the “Note” internal application are not listed on the Recently Read page after opening them in NeoReader as other pdf files even after they has been exported;

  • component of the Recently Read page can not be changed, but can only be deleted completely;

  • in the case of pdf files which have not been subjected to optical character recognition (made from jpg for example) a bookmark cannot be named, which makes it difficult to migrate between bookmarks (they can only be distinguished by the date and time they were created);

  • in SideNotes mode, the stylus button does not work as a eraser, and I think it would also be useful to have a page line pattern. Also in Scribble mode, the stylus button does not enable the erase function (can only be erased by the end of the stylus);

  • when I change the name of a pdf document in which I made highlights the file name that contains the highlights remains the old one;

Other changes that I found to be useful:

  • the built-in NeoReader application to appear listed when accessing the Multi-Task Switching button and in the applications screen;

  • for the NeoReader application I would like to be able to work with other dictionary applications besides Dict (for example, GoldenDict supports several file-dictionary formats)

  • Adding the Romanian language into the system.

Thank you and I’m waiting for the new version of the software.

Thank you very much for your feedback. We will check the problems you listed and forward them to our R&D Department.