Staedler Noris digital jumbo

Hi all,

Just to say that I bought the newly released Noris Jumbo as a replacement pen, and oh boy it makes a difference. It has made my Max 2 twice as usable and a pleasure to use. I have been waiting for an eraser-equipped Noris for long, and last week I noticed they have released one, so I didn’t wait.

The tip is more accurate than that of Max’s stock stylus, and the great paper feel is even greater. The thickness and the weight of the stylus make it much more controllable than the stock stylus. All in all, it is a great purchase, and I highly recommend it as an addition, specially if you are fed up with your handwriting using the stock stylus.

Bonus point, the eraser-end of the stylus is a tad bit thicker, what keeps it firm inside Max 2’s side holster (or pocket, whatever you call it). Looks very good as well (pic attached).


P.S. I am in no ways associated with Staedler, neither have I been paid by them. Just a happy customer.


Bought on amazon!
Better feeling than the onyx pen, finer tip and the eraser is incredibly more responsive!

Thanks for letting me discover it.

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