Text appears in bold in non system apps


I recently bought Onyx Boox Note Pro. As the title suggests, when I try to read articles or notes under non system apps, like Evernote, Pocket, Wikipedia, Google News, etc., their text appears in bold. At the same time, the introductory text showing for example a list of suggested articles in Wikipedia app appears normally, as it does on mobile.

Native browser of Boox, on the other hand, shows articles normally.

Is there any way to make articles and notes under non system apps appear normally, not in bold, like under the native Onyx browser?

Of course, I have already de-selected the Bold Font feature in the optimization panel but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Same issue on Nova Plus.

Kindly request :beetle: to be fixed in firmware update.

Have forwarded this request to our relative colleagues to follow up. Hope this feature will be available soon.

Same issue here (Nova Pro)

Hi Claire. It’s been almost one and a half year and bold fonts have not been fixed. Texts saved on apps like Everote and PushRead appear in bold and are therefore hard to read. Is this going to be corrected anytime soon?