Touch disabled after period of Notes usage


I’m running build 2018-07-03_14-55_1.9.0_cd8c355 on a Boox Note.
I have noticed that after a day or so of using the Notes app and the pen, the touchscreen no longer functions. I have tried the “touch” icon on the left of the notes page repeatedly to see if I can get the touch to work again, but it doesn’t seem to work. Closing Notes does not seem to work. Rebooting solves the issue until I have the Notes app open again for a significant amount of writing.

I have a tendency to rest my hand on the screen when I am taking notes. I have also noticed that sometimes the icons on the left are activated, even though my hand is not near them.

Does anyone else experience issues like this?


I have the same issue
It seems like an error


I have experienced the same thing and had to reboot to restore normal function.


I’ve been using full-screen mode in Notes recently, and haven’t had the issue again (yet). I exit the full-screen mode by pressing the button, then, create a new page, and go back into full-screen mode.

Is there some sort of gesture or something I could use to create a new page while in full-screen mode?


I confirm it happens all the time. Restart brings it back to work. Nonetheless, very annoying.


I’m not sure if this was fixed by an update or by me drafting notes solely in full-screen mode. However, I haven’t experienced this issue in a while, and I’m on the latest firmware/software.