Touch screen function not working at all

Dear Onyx team,
I own an Onyx Note device since 2018 and 3-4 months ago it started to show problems related to responsiveness to finger touch. Sometimes the screen did not respond to the tactile stimulus, but after a restart or sometimes after two, the tactile function returned. Sometimes it came back after deleting a few third-party applications installed. I thought it was because of the software and I hoped that with version 2.3 this malfunction will disappear, but it was not. It continued to manifest itself almost in the same way by inhibiting the tactile function at almost half of the starts. For a week it no longer responds at all to the tactile stimulus, all the functions of the device having to be activated via the stylus even turning the pages when reading a book in Neo Reader.
I tried to go back to an older version of the software, I also tried to restore the factory settings but nothing happened. The screen no longer responds to the touch function.
I don’t remember the device suffering any more serious physical impact (blow, fall, etc.).
Do you think it could be a hidden setting in the background of the software?
If it is still a hardware problem how can it be solved?

Thanks for any help.

I didn’t solved the problem, please help!

I didn’t solved the problem, please help with any advice!