Two parallel versions of Onyx products / firmware?


I bought my max 2 pro from I assumed at the time that that was the “official store”, and that I would get the “default” version of the device. However, I have been unable to update the device using the new firmware 2.1.2 from After doing some digging, I’ve discovered that is in fact some Russia-based reseller posing as the official Onyx store, and sells a “customized” version of the device with a different line of firmwares, and I would have to wait for them to produce their “customized” version of the 2.1.2 software. When I questioned them about this, they said that mine is the “international” version of the device, and the version is not supposed to be used outside of China. This sounds fishy, considering many of you seem to be from various parts of the world other than China, and seem to have the original version of the device.

Am I alone here? Did anybody else buy their device from and end up with this mysterious “international version”? Does anybody know what the differences are between the two versions of the firmwares? Is it possible to “reflash” the device with the default version of the firmware? Am I right to worry that this whole thing with a Chinese-built version and a Russian-built “international version” seems fishy, especially since the difference is not advertised publicly?


Dear, we apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause.

First of all, we would like to clarify that is one of the distributor of Onyx Boox, the is our official website of Onyx Boox, and the Booxshop is our official online store of Onyx Boox.

Secondly, please note that the software released from is the official international version, and the software from is the customized version released by Onyx Boox too. The official international version could be used worldwide instead of being in China only.

Thirdly, we have double checked with our relative colleagues that it is not suggested to reflash the device since you may lose some data or come across some bugs after that. BTW, the latest firmware 2.1.2 from will be released soon, please be patient.

Lastly, Boox will communicate with our distributor regarding advertising the software version publicly.


Dear claire,
This sounds terrible (or even better: frightening), even though I’m not affected by all this mess, as I bought my device form Amazon (which was the official store for Onyx by that time).


Dear, Onyx Boox will take this seriously and talk about this issue with our distributor to make that advertisement publicly.


Those of us who are affected by this mess might need to band together, and if so we should perhaps take this discussion off this board. If you are affected by this and are unhappy, please send me email at


This is completely fraud . I emailed them and this is the reply .


Dear Faisal Ali,

the firmware which is offered on the is supposed to be applied in the country of the manufacturer, in China.

It is not compatible with the firmware which is distributed abroad.

But anyway, the adaptation of the version 2.1.2 for the international use in the process and soon you will be able to update your device.u will be able to update your device.”


I have the same problem I bought a “note pro” in Russia, I wrote to Onyx at but I haven’t received an answer yet, I would also like to reflash my note pro to the international version.