USB-C on the new Boox Note2 is malfunctioned


Hi all, I just received the Boox Note 2 and I think the USB-C port on the Boox Note 2 is malfunctioned. Please see the steps to reproduce the issue below:

  1. Connect the Boox Note 2 to the laptop using a USB-C to USB-C cable.
  2. The device shows a “P” icon on the menu bar with options to charge, file transfer, etc. which is expected.
  3. Take out one end of the cable from the laptop OR from the Boox Note 2 USB-C port.
  4. Plug the cable into the same port again.
  5. Sometimes the device doesn’t show the “P” icon on the menu bar with the option to charge, file transfer, etc. It will just say “USB device is connected” and nothing happens.
  6. If the device shows the “P” icon on the menu bar after connecting, please keep taking out the cable and plug it in again until you see the issue described in Step 5.

I don’t have this issue with my Boox Nova Pro.

Could anyone please let me know if you experience the same issue or I just got a defected device? Thanks.


It turns out to be harder to design USB-C power interfaces than older versions, and while in older versions you had to test against the low end chargers to make sure it would work with everything, with USB-C it turns out that you need to test against high end chargers to make sure it will work with everything.

Boox made some sort of mistake in the USB-C interface (note, the Raspberry Pi did as well) and they don’t work properly when connected to better quality chargers. It’s very possible that your laptop USB port has the same sort of problem.

In a different thread, I’ve seen BOOX just say that they only support using the charger they ship, but I haven’t seen any comments about them fixing this (I first saw this about 6 months ago)