What do you use your Note/Max for? What else do you wish it could do?


I’m curious, what do people use their Notes (or other devices) for.

To answer the questions myself:

  • I use my Note exclusively for writing (using a custom app).
  • I wish it had better shading for pencil-like drawing (like reMarkable).

What about you?


I just bought a Boox Note, I am using it mainly for studying things related to computer science, physics, stats, math etc., and that is how I intend to use in the foreseeable future.
For those kinds of things the side by side note is extremely useful, it let me try/check/solve/experiment things in the book very easily. Lots of the things I read in pdf btw. The separated note app it also great also for noting things I would like to remember and that I want to often revisit, and the google app store gives me Wikipedia and apps for plotting equations and a scientific calculator.
That is pretty much how I use it.
Two things which are a bummer for me:

  • I cannot copy notes around (between pages and between the syde-by-side note and the note app).
  • Changing from-to apps/note app/books takes too much time and effort, I would to do that in 2 steps, tops, and always find the app/note app/books in the state they were when I left them (analogous to android in a smart phone)


i use it for writing notes, sketching and ebooks


My two Onyx Boox Notes are my only tablets. I use gmail, evernote, youtube, todoist, reddit, chrome etc etc

I can’t look at LCD/LED screens they trigger debilitating occipital pain. For more info https://www.reddit.com/r/ChronicPain/comments/b936z9/has_anyone_here_been_diagnosed_with_central/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x


Just curious, what app?
I use the built-in Notes functionality a lot. It’s mostly good but has some rough edges such as Note modification date is updated by opening a note


I don’t know if you’re a command-line guy, but if you are, then Termux is a life-changer. https://termux.com/



I wrote my own app that converts handwriting into text and organizes/exports the writing in a way that makes working on large, novel-length projects feel cozy (no blinking cursor, ability to add marks to easily traverse large volumes of text, pages/books/shelves, search, encryption, mirror Mac app with backup/sync and integrated proselint, etc). It works perfectly for my needs, but I’m not ready to share it just yet, since I don’t want the focus to shift from writing to coding/marketing/etc. Perhaps after I’m done with my novel, I’ll think about putting it out there. Most people prefer to type rather than write by hand anyhow, but I find writing by hand improves the quality of my writing and I’m able to stay in the creative zone much easier without a screen.



Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I can’t use 4G cellphones because my hand aches after about 10 seconds of holding one. I tried a bunch of Android and iPhones. Scary stuff. Wifi is fine though, so I guess 4G is just way higher or more intense frequency.

I love eInk for reading. There’s just no comparison between my little kindle keyboard (love the physical page-turn buttons) and a computer screen.

I also tried using an AlphaSmart Neo for writing for a while, which I loved. Unfortunately, it’s a bit clunky and space-limited for larger projects. (And I prefer eInk and handwriting anyway).

On a side note, I highly recommend changing the default Note stylus to the reMarkable one. It’s a bit pricey, but the feel is vastly superior. It transformed the whole writing experience on the Note for me.


what i like in the wacom stylus of the boox note, is that you will never worry about the battery because it doesn’t need :wink:


The reMarkable stylus doesn’t need a battery either. It comes with extra tips, but I’m still using the original I got half a year ago. Not sure what’s that’s all about; maybe the older ones were more flimsy or some people like to really drill their pencil in.

The main problem with the default stylus is that it rattles, since the fit isn’t tight. It’s also a bit too small for me and the feel of the hard plastic tip isn’t as good as whatever the reMarkable uses. Some of the Sony styluses also look good, but I haven’t tried them. Just went on a recommendation from someone I contacted on youtube.


95% for writing notes/sketching and it’s great. (Max2)


Wow, that sounds downright awesome.


I bought my Nova Pro mainly for reading epub books. Also do I regular read pdf files/books which I correct and/or add notes to.

Next to this I try to use it for reading email (gmail) and taking small notes.