Why I recommend not to buy the Onyx boox Max3

  • Lag when writing with third party apps. (Though reading works well on some third party apps)
  • The screen quality when using the Max3 as external display is bad (either the background is full of very small grey pixels, or the text does not have a good contrast.) -> not usable for the main reason I bought it (Thought the screen quality is good when just used for reading or writing directly on the tablet, but just for this the price is to high)
  • You can’t connect the Max3 to a beamer
  • You do not have a camera to add quickly some photos into your notes
  • When writing on PDFs you do not have the following possiblities:
    • Not possible to add empty pages between pages of the original pdf (for further notes) instead for that you have an assigned notebook to each pdf. But you even can’t crop screenshots from the original pdf in the notebook, so that it would be possible to have the important information from the original pdf together with your notes within one document.
    • When writing on a pdf you do not have all the possibilities (moving already drawn things around, writing with the keyboard, adding empty pages) which you have in the Note app.
    • There is no possiblity to draw in a zoomed-in field and seeing the document as whole at the same time (like with Goodnotes on the iPad)
  • The searching through handnotes in Notes and PDFs does never work as well as on Goodnotes on the iPad (there you can search after one word in all your documents and handnotes in a very short time)
  • You can’t use headphones since the last update (not working anymore)
    -No integrated light (which the cheaper Nova Pro has)

The main advantage of this device is the big e-ink display and a minimal weight of the device. This is good for the eyes and allows hours of reading no madder if you sit, walk, or lie in bed, the minimal weight makes it really comfortable. The big screen makes the reading of PDFs very easy. And the screen is very well readable in the sun! -> But for this advantages the price of the Max3 is way to high. For example does my Nova Pro offer the same advantages (except that it is not the same easy to read PDFs) and this for less than 300 Euros (compared to 800 Euros for the Max3). This price for the Max3 would be fine for me, if Onyx could prove that the device and its material is produced under fair working conditions.

I still hope that the Max3 will be improved soon with further software updates, so that I may be able to recommend it. (For example do it not understand why they do not at least integrate all the possibilities you have in the Note app into the Library app when drawing on PDFs)