WiFi Network authentication with EAP/PEAP methods

Hi, please help!
How can I connect to wifi (e.g., eduroam) with EAP/PEAP methods?
Thank you!)

Max2Pro Version: 2019-06-13_08-04_2.1.2_23f6dab

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I have the same problem

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Thanks a lot! That worked for eduroam

Hello, this did not work for Onyx Max 3. In order to enter Eduroam one needs user name and password, but Max 3 will only ask for a password. The security method should be “PEAP” but only “EAP” option appears in Max 3. Any solutions?

Updated to 2.2.1 and this problem persist!!! Bad news!!!

Sorry!!! This worked fine!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Please update to the latest firmware V2.2.2 first. Then you could choose the EAP method as PEAP, enter your identity and password.

Thank you Claire. It worked perfectly.