WIFI on Nova Plus

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A small question:

Can Nova Plus connect to normal WIFI networks? What are the limitations here? Can I connect it to my Samsung Galaxy’s hotspot (running Android 7 with 4G connection) or to 4G WIFI router network?

Novas can connect to common WiFi routers or hotspots via 2.4ghz radio waves, but they’re not designed to use the higher bandwidth and newer 5ghz radios. They don’t need that kind of bandwidth.

If you have a Nova, and you are having trouble connecting, make sure the WiFi is actually turned on on the Nova, as it turns off automatically when not in use, and make sure your router provides an independant 2.4ghz radio to connect to, or your Nova may not see or connect to the wireless router.

The WiFi symbol on the Novas status bar is black when active, and greyed out when asleep.

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Thanks a lot, that helps me.

I’m actually having a problem with a malfunctioning Nova Plus, getting very hot with moderate use and not connecting to WIFI, except immediately after rebooting and through a third party settings app (the normal way doesn’t work and I’m well aware of the WIFI timeout and other settings).

I’m struggling with the seller, to whom I sent the device upon agreement. He now tells me there’s nothing wrong and that the device by design cannot connect to certain new WIFI systems. Even though my Nova actually can connect to them from time to time, but only in the way mentioned before.

The seller even tells me I don’t need to connect to WIFI and other weird stuff. Seems he just doesn’t want to accept the warranty claim.

So I’m happy to have it black on white that even Novas can connect to these WIFI systems.

Thanks again, your reply might help me get a well functioning Nova Plus.

I’m wishing you a good day.

We have had wifi issues on our Nova Pro too. Would only connect after restart, not sleep on the latest public firmware, and the previous version.

After some conversations with support, they sent us the latest beta this week. Now it auto-connects after sleep most of the time. Not perfect but seems much easier to live with now.

Video I took before the beta which seems to improve auto reconnect: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0IGgZLKuGM5JIW;95146D37-E881-4F16-99FA-C8DFCCFAC60F

  • Showing the network ‘bebop’ full strength on my Mac and connected to the internet
  • Showing the post-sleep Nova Pro, it doesn’t auto-connect to bebop (it was the last used network), can see it, but selecting it does nothing
  • Restart the Nova Pro
  • While it’s rebooting, show a post-sleep Poke Pro happily auto-reconnecting to the same network
  • Now rebooted, the Nova Pro has auto-reconnected to the network and it’s full signal
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