Writing with pen on documents


Hello. I have the Note Pro. I downloaded a Word document and attempted to scribble notes or circle words on the document and nothing happened. I can download and open a pdf document and can write on it liberally. I also can’t use the pen and write on documents within Word or Acrobat.

Why did it not write on Word documents but just pdf’s? How can this be corrected?

Also where is a detailed instruction manual in English for the Note Pro?

Thank you,


Hello Wrswaim, thank you for your support to us first. We are sorry to inform you that the scribble mode is not available for word and text format documents. You could use the sidenote mode, annotations and highlight to make notes on word format documents. For the user manual, you could download the user manual from our official website. Or you could download one on our device via Settings/ About Device/ Scan code, and you could learn more from this video.