Bluetooth Keyboard Newline problem

I have a serious issue trying to type a text with a BT keyboard connected to the Max Carta 2. I can type without problems in the first half of the screen. As soon as I reach the middle of the screen, he only way to create a newline is using the software keyboard. If I press Enter on the BT keyboard, the cursor goes back to the middle of the page. In other words, I cannot write a text longer than half a page with a BT keyboard.
This link shows a sort of mouse cursor that shows up every time I press Enter on the BT keyboard. The cursor goes back to the same line of the mouse cursor (I don’t know if the two things are related).

My attempts:

  • I tried with two different BT keyboards
  • I have updated the Max Carta 2 to the latest firmware (BOOX Max2 V1.8.3 20180129)
  • I have tried with 5 different text editors (eg. Retro Text Editor)
  • I have tried to reset to factory settings

None of the above worked :disappointed_relieved:
Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Peter, thank you very much for your message!
We have contacted Our technical team and talked about the problem you encountered, we will come up with a solution and help you fix it in a few days.Please don`t worry.

Thanks a lot! I asked other Max Carta 2 owners to try on another forum, and they have not this problem.
Could it depend on the BT keyboards sending strange key codes for the Enter key? I have tried them on the iPad, the Enter button works correctly on that devices. I am available to give further technical details if needed.

I have the same problem you described, ENTER button not working correctly and mouse cursor appearing!

I have found here a report of the same problem on another Android device, that has been solved with a firmware update.

Could this problem be caused by a non-US keyboard?


I think so. Mine is a keyboard with italian layout. The only way workaround so far, after many hours spent trying to solve the problem, is to remap the Enter key on the keyboard with another key that is not used on the Max2 (Alt GR), and then use a utility on the Max2 to remap the Alt GR to Enter :disappointed_relieved:
This is possible because my keyboard allows remapping of some keys.
Another solution is to get an OTG cable and use a USB keyboard. No problems so far using USB keyboards.

Same issue on the Max 2 with latest firmware.

This is issue I have and probably is the same for others:

When the key ENTER is pressed on a Bluetooth keyboard, the tablet does a mouse left click which causes a lot of trouble.

Please fix.


Any chance that this problem will be solved with the next software release?

If the dev team is unable to solve the problem, please contact me. I can assist you in finding out the codes sent by these keyboards.


I think am experiencing the same problem as @peter68 and @angel74 on my Boox Max2, but it seems it could be vendor/model specific.

I have connected my Logitech Craft keyboard via Bluetooth and all buttons seem to work fine, except the Enter key. Pressing Enter in the Menus, or any application, makes a mouse pointer appear and “click” in the middle of the screen. This behavior shows up everywhere, even in the Settings tab, so it is not related to a single application.

Because of this, my keyboard is totally unusable with the Max2.

I have looked at the Android keyboard layouts to see if I could simply remap the key.

  • ES File Explorer File Manager > Left side menu > Local > Device > Navigare to system/usr/keylayout > Open Generic.kl (read only)

    • line 50: key 28 ENTER
    • line 118: key 96 NUMPAD_ENTER
    • line 203: key 353 DPAD_ENTER
  • External Keyboard Helper Demo > Advanced settings > Customize keymappings > Keyboard mapping > Customize keyboard mappings > Add new key mapping

    • There you can press the button you would like to remap, and it shows which scancode it receives from the keyboard.
    • Both the Logitech Craft and Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard seem to send key 28.

That’s as far as I got, but here are some related links I have found:

Same problem (not Boox devices)

  • Nov 2014, Logitech K400 and K400+: Keyboard “Enter” key bug (last post in January this year)

    Post on page 2:
    Generic.kl file located at /system/usr/keylayout, assigning keyword ENTER to key 28
    Generic.kl you will see that key 28 is mapped as DPAD_CENTER

  • Oct 2016, Logitech K400: Android 6.0.1 Marschmallow - Wasser 64bit Firmware for Beelink R68 with Gigabit LAN, WIFI AP6335

    “I also have a Microsoft wireless keyboard, and it works just fine with all my Android boxes, so there’s something weird about the Logitech keyboard.”

    The poster says that pressing the function button at the same time as enter makes it behave as expected. Does not work for me, as there still is a mouse click on the center of the screen

    This is the same Android version Max2 is running!

  • November 2016, Logitech K830: Zidoo X1 II - Wireless keyboard enter key not working

    People with both Logitech K400 and K830 report this problem

  • November 2016, Logitech K830: Keyboard “Enter” key bug (Beelink i68 + Logitech K830)

  • November 2018, Logitech K400: Problem with k400 enter key

  • August 2017, Logitech K400+: Enter key doesn’t work on Android TV box

    Response from Logitech support: “The Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus is an HID compliant device that should work as a plug and play device on computers. It should also work on smart TV that has native support for HID devices. Can you please verify that your TV has support for HID devices?”

Possibly related


All of the keyboards I have found to be affected by this “middle of the screen click” are made by Logitech:

I do not know it the problem I (we?) have is related to the way you have configured Android, or if it is a Logitech problem which they will have to fix with a firmware update. Since the problem does not seem to be too common, given the amout of K400 that Logitech probably has sold, I am hoping it is the former, and that you can release a fix soon.

I love my Craft and the Microsoft keyboard is not nearly as usable, so I cannot use it for exetended periods of time. Connecting my keyboard to the Max2 is half the reason why I bought it, so please look into this.

TL;DR Logitech keyboards seem to be affected and since they are very popular I expect more Boox customers will run into this problem! Please try to find a fix.

@peter68,@angel74, and @dramoz: Which BT keyboards have you tested?

Hi, I have tested with a Drevo Calibur BT keyboard. I have two Drevo keyboards, one with ITA layout and one with US layout, and both have the same problem.
I also tested with a nobrand cheap BT keyboard, and I had the same problem.
I tried to remap the key with the External Keyboard Helper utility without any success. All keyboards send the correct keycode (28). I suspect that they are also sending a mouse-event, not just a keyboard event, but it’s just a guess.

The Max2 would be a wonderful writing tool if you could fix this BT keyboard problem.

I have a Raydem tri-fold keyboard.

Any update, new firmware still have same issue.