[BUG] Max2 reboot alone


when I’m writing notes and put device in standby (screensaver shown on screen) my Max2 sometimes (2/3 a day) reboot alone…am I the only one?

Never happened for me…

Anomaly. May I suggest a factory reset?

Is it really reboots, or it just turns off by itself? In the later case there is a setting to enable (and disable) auto turn off after a few hours.

hi Gubi, it is a really reboots

Hi mdp, is this procedure correct?

I can’t enter in recovery mode: Max2 simply power on.


this procedure works for me:

In that case I’m affraid of you must send it back to Onyx for repair. Some of my old phones behaved like that, I suspected accu contact problem, but never managed to get rid of the phenomea…

After factory reset, today it reboot again…but never when I’m using Max2, only when it lies in stanbdy…

I would then believe that its hardware may be defective.

It have just happend to me!
I was editing a note, and put down the device for a while (I have not put into sleep mode just put down as is with the Note app open). Once I’ve just seen the device rebooting, and the note I was editing have lost!!!

I gubi, thanks for reply.

Days ago you suggest accu problem, so I let Max2 on for days without experience no reboot.
How did I do it? Simply never put it on standby.

I think the reboot is actually a software problem that only occurs when the device is put on standby while writing a note…

In correspondence of these anomalous reboots I have also noticed that the battery is reduced considerably, let’s says 15%-20% for every restars, which is why I asked the other users how long the battery lasted in this post:

My device was not in sleep mode when the reboot hapened, but it hapened about the time it should have gone to stanby.

Dear Jack, may I know the firmware version of your device? I’ll pass it to our R&D team. Thank you.

Hi Angela,


Hi Jack, thanks for the reply, I have forwarded it to our R&D team, we will come up with a solution and help you fix it. Please don`t worry. We will release a update firmware in early June, it will fix some problem of the Note taking app, please try to update your device and check if this problem happen again. I will let you know when we release the firmware. Thank you.

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I have tried the suggested solutions to restore settings of my book max 2 without success. PLEASE HELP.

1.please press the power button for 8-10 seconds to reset your device.

2.Or you can try to restore the factory default settings as following steps:
Switch off the device firstly, and then long press “back + power” buttons at the same time , enter into recovery mode. Now choose “wipe data factory reset – yes, delete all user data - reboot” to restore factory default.

Dear, could you kindly provide the build number of your device?

Please try following steps to restore the factory default settings:

  1. Switch off the device firstly.
  2. Keep pressing the “back” button and plug the device in the power source.(Please do not connect to the computer) When the light shines blue, stop pressing the button. Then the device will go into recovery mode.
  3. Press the page button to choose “wipe data\factory reset” and press the power button to execute. Then choose “Yes” and press the power button again to restore factory default.

Probably you have issues with the battery. I have this issue and I have to send the device for repair