[Bug] Notes App: Hangs when exporting large notebooks

So this happened a while ago, so this bug report is from memory, but this bug appeared so consistently that it’s basically impossible to not remember it.

So, I had a notebook of about like 200-300 pages. With the Nova, since the screen isn’t that huge, this number is actually kinda standard for a semester of lecture notes. However, I always got a bug where, when exporting to a PDF, the progress would hang at like around 80%. I’d get part of the PDF, but I’d always have to go in the thumbnail menu to get the rest, which is annoying, since the thumbnail menu is a big source of a lot of other problems for large notebooks.

Please submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device when this bug happen again. Our relevant colleagues from R&D Dept will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.

Alright, but I mean, I have to have a large notebook first, which will take some time. Definitely worth it though, cause I hate how wonky large notebooks are in general