Cannot open pdf from google drive


I have load of documents on google drive. I tried to open the pdf directly from the neo reader 2 (by using open with … option from google drive app) and nothing opens i.e. the neo reader opens with blank page. Also it would be useful if I can overwrite/export edited pdf with my notes/scribles directly onto existing document so i have access to it from all my other devices.

Thank you for a great product.

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Bug - opening PDFs from external app with Neo-reader
Neoreader Bug Opening from External Apps

Hi, I have the exact same issue on my boox note model.



I have the Boox Max 2 Pro with the latest firmware, and the problem still persists. It would be great if Onyx could fix this - it appears as if NeoReader is crashing whenever it is asked to open a pdf from a 3rd party app - the pdfs are already saved in the device and open normally when browsed from within the app.