Feature request (bug fix?) - Neoreader - annotations and bookmarks behaviour in various format modes


Hi, I use NovaPro with 2.1.2 Firmware.

I often read pdf scans of documents that are 2 page landscape and without built in table of contents.

To have a better reading experience I set up the reader in landscape direction and then I choose a customized Navigation Mode from the related menu.

My observations are the following:


I often create text annotations. Currently the app let’s me create annotations only from selected text.

I have many pdfs where text is not recognized as text, but (I think) is recognized as an image. (Many scanned documents exhibit this behavior). So for these documents that I use frequently in my work there is not a way to create a text annotation.

One feature request is to let the user create text annotations everywhere on screen , not only binding them to text.


I can access my annotations from the bottom left menu. From there I can also edit them

The “bug” is accessing these annotation with the reading mode set as I described at the beginning of the post.
After having tapped to go to a created annotation, the app always jumps to the beginning of the page (“physical” page of the pdf) containing that annotation. So the user has to scroll the screens of the navigation mode selected and with some luck find the annotation he was looking for.

This behaviour resembles the problem of reference jumps that I already signalled here

So the second feature request would be for the app to show on active screen the portion of the document closest to the part where the selected annotation (from bottom left menu) is located, regardless of the navigation mode selected.


Hello, thank you for your support to us all the time.
For the second suggestion, you could kindly access and edit the annotations by pressing the middle of the screen and pop up Settings/ TOC.


Hello, thanks for the reply

Yes, i know i can access annotations from TOC menu.
I would also want that the active screen in a selected navigation mode or zoom, moves to the part of the text closer to the annotation, after that it is been selected from TOC menu.
So that the part of the document with the annotation becomes visible on screen after having tapped the annotation in TOC menu.

For example, If you created an annotation at the bottom of a page, and you’re using a half screen navigation mode or zoom, when you tap on the annotation from TOC menu, the active screen becomes always the top of the page where the annotation is located. Annotations that are not in this area are not visible, and you have to scroll text to find them.

I found that this also happens with highlights


@claire, maybe i was not precise describing this issue . I want to clarify that this behaviour happens only with .pdf files.

I verified that in epub, the jumps to annotations are working flawless


Hello, noted with thanks. Could you kindly submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will have a better and faster diagnosis of the problem.