Please provide source code for kernel and bootloader


+1 to open the bootloader and +1 to open source the kernel.


I agree, the kernel needs to be opened (perhaps also to comply with the GPLv2 license), but more important because that would open for the community to make the software better. The latter also applies to the firmware. But perhaps most importantly is the source for the user applications provided in the firmware distribution. By opening these developers would have access to them as examples of well designed e-ink optimized apps, but also the possibility to enhance the apps themselves.


As the user applications are missing a lot of features, having them open source greatly increases the devices value.
E.g. I want to automatically export all my fingerings of my ~20 pdfs, so I can move and rename them safely on my desktop pc.
Losing these fingerings would be very very unfortunate. Having access to the source of the neo2reader app, I could implement this backup feature by myself.


Seeing that this thread has been going on for half a year without any response from Onyx, I think we should abandon any hope of peaceful cooperation.

What needs to happen is someone reverse engineering the reader, or perhaps wait until ReMarkable hopefully release larger version of their open source pad.

My Max 2 has been relegated to simple PDF reading, almost every other feature has bugs, including notes and so on.