Where do you get nice case for your Boox?

I noticed the options for cases are pretty limited, I found a case from Reborn for my Note Pro, which is quite okey, but yet could be better. However, there doesn’t seem to be much of options, do you know of other options than the one on Boox and Amazon UK?

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the case sold on options is good because it allows to have the standby mode only in closing the case. :smiley:

Hi, what does this mean, “the case sold on options”? Do you mean amazon? I too am looking for a nice case for the Note Pro.

I mean the cases offered on Amazon and Boox aren’t really worth it. If you search for other e-readers like reMarkable or Kindle, there are plenty of options

I ended up buying the one on amazon and while the price is high for what it is, it does seem well-designed and well-executed and to fit the device snugly.

I was confused about the recommendation to buy cases for the reMarkable or Kindle since I assume the form factor is different.