Wishes for the next firmware update


The kindle ‘estimated time left in this chapter/book’ is also nice


Hello, thank you for your valuable suggestions, and we will forward them to our relative colleagues.



I’d like to be able to use the button on the front of the stylus for erasing in the neoreader as well.



When using the scribble function it would be nice if I could switch to a mode in witch scribbling an touching is both possible.


Note App: I’d like to be able to copy from one page to the next.


I’d like a page scroll in Note app.
Being limited to A4 restrictive have large size or a zoom and write feature would be great.


Note App: Save Evernote app as direct note not PDF


Dear, thank you for your kind suggestions! And we will forward these to our relative colleagues.


Dear, I am a little confused about this one. Do you mean that you could edit directly when you sync the notes from Note App to Evernote App?


Hi Claire,

I would love to read two different documents on a split screen, either side by side or one on top of the other. Sometimes I have to compare two complex documents, and having them on the same screen is much easier.



Dear, we are really appreciated for your kind suggestion. And we will pass them to our relative colleagues later.


It would be really nice if there was an option in the library to show the book title, not the filename (I get non-DRM books from Baen and e-mail them to my @kindle.com account, then find them in storage and open them so they show up in the library, a bit ugly, but it works)


My wish is for a developer to respond to this thread:

I wish Onyx would comply with the GPL. I wish Onyx would open the bootloader of the tablet so that we can install Linux or other ROMs. I wish we (the users) had the freedom to install our own software on a tablet that we purchased. :frowning:


Hello, we are sorry to inform you that it is not available now. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.


What does that mean? Is there even a reason?


It means that they are deliberately (and repeatedly) choosing NOT to comply with the licenses of the software they are using. We have been asking for the legally required code for over a year now.

Unfortunately it seems apparent that it is going to require a lawsuit to get their attention.


I want to remain of hand-writing notes in PDF files, so I read with my note on the PC, etc. But now your software makes the note out of pdfs. It’s incomfortant.


It’s not just onyx. Small Chinese companies are notorious for ignoring the GPL and even large companies like Xiaomi drag their feet in complying. They generally get away with it because: 1. the inscrutability of their legal system, 2. there’s no one willing to foot the bill of chasing down every little vendor who’s using Android without providing kernel sources. In any case, I don’t like throwing around the “lawsuit” word and I wish you wouldn’t do that @dlang

I’m genuinely trying to understand. They’ve built a business around open source software and they’re not playing by the rules that other established businesses are who use GPL code. Why? Surely there is an answer.

@claire “It is not available now” is not an answer. It’s saying “we won’t do it and won’t tell you why”. All I want to know is why.

It’s like buying a computer and not being able to upgrade windows or install linux. No one would stand for that, so why do we have to stand for Android 6.0.1 with SELinux disabled and tons of unpatched security holes?

The developers don’t respond to issues on their github page. Don’t you understand that by embracing the developer community, it will make your product better?

I don’t get it.

Some suggestion for better Boox PR

For everyone else, realize that the version of Android that ships with the Boox Note and Max are old and full of security holes. There’s no way that you can install a secure version of Android because Onyx is not permitting us to install our own OS / our own Android builds.

This is a pretty big problem for an internet-connected and everyone on this forum should be asking about it.


I would dearly wish a two-tier book selection list - a vertical list of authors on the left, with a vertical list of books from this author on the right.

Currently I’m looking at 191 pages of books, and I can’t browse easily.

author00 book01
author01 book02
author02 book03
author03 book04
** author04 book05
author05 book06
author06 book07
author07 book08
author08 book09
author09 book10

where book1 - book10 are all written by author04. And I’d dearly love - and+ buttons below the screen - swiping often opens a book instead of swiping, and the page slider just doesn’t cut it with 191 pages.

Then, to make it perfect, make an option to make the display compact. I’m not that interested in the author/filetype/file size on a different line, since that means I can get only 9 books in total on my 10" screen per page - lots of space wasted, lots of extra pages.

Also, I would like to be able to view and enter the font size as a number. Pinching on the screen is inaccurate, and the slider seems to stop at a larger font than what I want.