Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1


Does anyone have the 2.1.1 firmware for Note Pro downloaded already and can share with me via a google drive link? I find it ridiculous that Boox releases a firmware and then pulls it down off their website. I will deal with a few small bugs while I wait for the next update. There are plenty of people using 2.1.1 without issue.


Nice update. Made my Poke Pro very efficient. I’m not sure about the ‘Traditional’ option in the Neoreader. What does it do?

Please add a way to disable hyphenation. It will add much speed to our reading I believe. Only justifying alignment is enough for most cases. An option to disable hyphenation will be much appreciated.




I followed your advice to update my Note Lite by changing the language to Chinese first, and after updating returning it to English.

I noticed I now have the new ‘Navigation Ball’ feature, which suggests I now do have 2.1.1.
But the version info says 2.1, and not 2.1.1 (see above)
So it seems the update was not a complete success.

Can I trust that the next firmware will fix these problems, and that it will be available in English without the need to resort to circuitous procedures?


I did, same effect. Maybe i did not make clear what i mean:

  • Open Ebook
  • Open Menu
  • Choose Format from the bottom
  • Choose Format Tab
  • Choose Side-by-Side Format
  • In the Same Menu choose a different Direction (better translation would probably orientation) - that will rotate the book 180 degrees.

This is what i mean by not preserving direction: When i close the Book and later open it again, the rotation is always the same instead of keeping the 180 degree rotation.




Note, fw 2.1.1.
I have issues with my old scribbles in some pdf’s (not at all).
All scribbles in the TOC look like that:

Waiting doesn’t avail.
And when I try to click at one (or select ones) app just closes.
When I create new scribble, it doesn’t appear in the TOC, but if I reopen PDF, scribble disappears (old scribbles I can see


Will fw 2.1.2. solve this issues?


Hello, sorry about that problem. Please submit this on Feedback via Settings/Feedback and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.