Update: Eco system between two onyx boox like max2 and nova pro

i am using max2 for last one year and just bought nova pro …just wondering if i can sync the notes made on these two divices and other contents like we do in case on onenote evernote across different devices

Hello, you could learn more about copying notes from one device to another from this thread.

thanks for the reply its going to be surely useful but is there any mechanism by notes on both devices remain in sync with each other ??

Hello, do you mean how you could keep the notes on your two devices after syncing with each other?

Yes exactly i am using max2 and a rece6bought nova pro as well coz its handy and u cannt carry max 2 everywhere so how can i keep the notes made on each device in sync with each other

You could use 3-party Apps such as Google Drive to sync the notes in PDF format with each other, but you could not edit those notes in PDF format in the Note App in another device. What is more, you could use the “Backup and Restore” function as I mentioned before to sync the notes between two devices and you could continue to edit those notes.

I tried backup and restore it didn’t work can u please explain little more in. Detail as i could copy and paste the back file from local folder

Below are the steps to transfer the notes between two devices:
Create a note in your Note Pro and backup the notes in your Note Pro with the “Backup and Restore” button

  1. Backup the notes in your Note with the local backup way and name the file, then transfer the backup file under the Storage\Note\Backup\Local to the Note Pro with the computer

  2. Then enter the Note App and click the “Backup and Restore” button in your Note Pro to sync the notes from your previous device

Well thanks for a very detailed reply this solves the purpose if i am switching over from onyx max 2 to nova pro … it will restore my max note to nova pro but i am looking for little more if possible… i have been ysing one note and evernote the good thing abiut bith is that u could use same app on different devices throtsame id after switching to max 2 i really loved the note app here recently i bought nova pro which more handy and good for outdoor meetings i want use both max2 note app and nova pro note app I request you to suggest me a solution where i can access my notes taken on pro or max on bith devices as right now i have to use the as two different note books. Hope i am being able convey what i need thanks

We will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.

Update: Dear user, in the latest firmware 2.1.2, you can login an Onyx account with your mobile phone number or email address. Then back up your notes and you can recover your data on another Onyx device with the same account in an easy way. Hope this answer could help you.

Thanks its indeed an important and helpful information and surely helpful for people who are swit3from one device to another onlyx but what i request onyx to consider developing where a person like me who uses two onyx devices simultaneously boox max and boox pro can access notes made on each other like we do in case of Evernote and one note where we use our same account on all devices and all devices are in sync with each other

We are sorry to inform you that auto-sync is not available now. Will forward this request to our R&D Department to follow up.

… and this is still broken? It always tells me invalid code.

EDIT: this was transient and is working now.

Do you mean the Onyx account? Could you kindly try to use your email to log in?