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About the Q&A-Max2 category 1 February 6, 2018
MAX2 HDMI not useable: wrong display resolution 26 March 17, 2020
Can two of these be connected together to display two pages of music side-by-side, turning two pages at once as in printed books? 12 October 22, 2019
How to customized the screensaver exactly? 8 June 16, 2019
Is there a way to sync the note app on the boox max 2 to your laptop? is there a better way than emailing note pngs files individually to myself 9 May 19, 2019
Reference manager app? 2 October 3, 2018
Max2 screen scratches terribly 16 September 10, 2018
When connect the device to the PC via vga to hdmi,adopter, i get black screen even after i changed the resolution manually to the recommended, why 2 July 9, 2018
Does the pen has an eraser, say at the other tip of the pen? And, how to switch between pen-input vs highlighter? 2 July 6, 2018
Does Resilio Sync run on this? Is the filesystem properly accessible? 2 July 3, 2018
Print from Max2 4 June 28, 2018
Koreader installation 4 June 7, 2018
Does it support Ubuntu Operating system, as a 2nd screen monitor? 7 April 30, 2018
Is there a text-to-speech function like Kindle has that will work with the EPub files? 3 April 26, 2018
Can you use the wacom digitizer (with a PC) while in monitor mode? 3 April 26, 2018
Is it ture that annotations are limited to png export? are there any plans for pdf? 3 April 26, 2018
Boox max installed moon reader and colordict. When i read on moon reader and long click a word to look up, why colordict does not look up and pop up 4 April 23, 2018
Does it have overcharge protection? Can it be left plugged in all day after it is already charged? 2 April 16, 2018
WiFi very slow - Apps Download takes ages 7 April 9, 2018
Screen is broken 2 April 9, 2018
Max2 Monitor Flashing 7 April 6, 2018
Notes are disappearing 5 March 29, 2018
Is there a home button? Way to view the status bar from anywhere? 6 March 26, 2018
I downloaded the march firmware update. now, the notifications bar disappears in 3rd party apps like firefox. how do we get it back? 2 March 24, 2018
I have problem on max2 3 March 20, 2018
2nd monitor ghosting problem 4 March 16, 2018
When i connect it as second monitor, it goes into a2 mode. so, uses no shades of grey in monitor mode. i used adapter and recommended resolution. why" 3 March 15, 2018
I can’t install google play service. Therefore I can’t use gmail. What’s going on here? 3 March 15, 2018
Does monitor feature function only in A2 mode? I mean without any shades of grey 2 March 9, 2018
When i export notations made to a pdf, i need to restart the device in order to view the pdf is stored with annotations. any suggestions? 2 March 8, 2018